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The academic year 2023-2024

1. Registration

Registration is primarily done through links on the website. Students are admitted to groups in order of enrollment. The registration form for children under the age of 18 is signed by a guardian.


Registration for the academic year classes:

The academic year consists of different periods: the autumn and spring terms. Registration is binding after the first trial class. If you do not continue in the group after the trial, let us know by email as soon as possible so that the place can be given to the next person in the queue.


Registration for courses:

Registration for short courses must be made in according to the instructions of the course by the given date. These courses are paid either immediately or alternatively by invoice after the registration deadline. Course registrations are binding.

Registration for special education (EK):

Registration to EK groups is binding for the whole season. Registration can only be cancelled for a very valid reason, such as presenting a medical certificate.


Each student will receive a student card with enrollment information for review. Check the student card carefully and also add the student's social security number there. The student card is signed after verification (minor student's card is signed by the guardian). This information is for ODA's own use only for information and study credit. Under no circumstances will the information be disclosed to a third party.



2. Cancellation of registration

If the student does not wish to participate in the spring term, it must be reported by e-mail or letter no later than 29.11.2023. If the student place is canceled after this, we will charge a € 50 cancellation fee. If the student place is canceled after the trial classes, we will refund the already paid course fee, less the € 25 administrative (eg telecommunication, etc.) costs. If the student has registered at the beginning of the autumn term, the student place must still be canceled in writing (e-mail or letter) no later than one week before the beginning of the classes or immediately after the trial class. An irrevocable student place will be charged € 50 plus the classes held before the cancellation.

Registration for separate courses must be canceled at the latest when the the course registration period ends. In this case, the already paid course fee minus € 25 administrative costs will be refunded. If the course place is canceled later, the already paid course fees will not be refunded.




3. Payments

Course fees are paid to the bank no later than the due date. We also accept exercise vouchers.  Please note sports vouchers are personal, they can only be used to pay for the recipient of the sports voucher's own classes.

The fee for the autumn and spring term can be paid in 1-4 installments (this is selected when registering). Be sure to read our fee list as well. The payment options for special education groups include a new monthly fee, which includes 5 private lessons for both autumn and spring terms. Monthly fees are paid in August-June, ie a total of 11 times. We recommend this payment method for ek students.


Our activities are supported by Kaikki Tanssii - Tanssinharrastajien Tuki - Association. All registered students join the association and the association membership fee is billed per calendar year in January. The membership fee for new students is € 5 for the current year.


Tuition fees for students who quit in the middle of a semester are non-refundable. Return is only possible for a very valid reason, such as presenting a medical certificate. Termination must be notified in writing to the office promptly.

The invoice will be sent to the e-mail address provided during registration. By separate agreement, the invoice can also be delivered to you in paper form. In this case, a € 5 processing fee will be added to the invoice. Remember to keep your contact information up to date. If the address, etc. information changes, notify the office by e-mail as soon as possible.



4. Absences

Absences due to the student's own reasons can be compensated by either own or easier level lessons during the same term. Absences can not be reimbursed in payments. Due to long-term sick leave, changes in payment can be agreed separately from the day the office is contacted. Absences and compensation classes must be reported by e-mail or text message to 045 6709 311.


If a class is canceled for reasons related to the teacher, the lost classess will be held at a later date if the minimum number of classes during term are not otherwise met. If there are no more than three students for a single class the teacher has the right to cancel that class or if the absence notices come in time, the class can be postponed for later.



5. Liability

We are not responsible for forgotten or lost items. There is a lost property point at the school. In the event of a class cancellation, we will not be liable for a student turning up to class if the correct addresses and telephone numbers have not been left with the office. We reserve the right to make changes to classes and teachers.



6. Tuition fee includes

The monthly fee includes staff costs, rent and operating costs, music operating costs and other costs. In addition, students have access to an extensive stock of costumes and equipment, literature and music at the school, and other recordings. The student screening and its exercises during the school year are included in the lessons of the school year. During the academic year, 32 classes / basic art education (ballet) and 28 classes / other styles are organized (autumn and spring terms are different). In addition, our students have first priority for all courses and events held.



7. Information

We strive to provide as much information as possible electronically, so we hope everyone will provide a valid email address and phone number for text and / or Whatsapp messages. We also use our facebook page to share information (page: Oulu Dance Academy and group: ODA students).

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