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Questions we often get asked:

  • How do I choose the right class for myself/my child?

You can start by checking the timetable and class descriptions! From the class descriptions page you'll also find the age and level requirements of each class. We always make exceptions when needed. Please contact us by chat or email if you are not sure which classes to pick.

  • What if I'm not happy with the class I've chosen?

You can try all of our classes for free! Picking the right class can be difficult and trying a few different levels might be a good idea to find the one you're most comfortable with. After registration we can easily move you to a different class if needed.

  • What should I wear and how to get ready to take class?

For ballet classes we have got certain uniforms, which can be found on the uniforms page. Long hair should be tied up to a bun. For any other classes you can wear anything that's comfortable and stretchy! You might want to tie your hair up and away from your face. You can always carry a water bottle with you and if you have multiple classes a day we recommend having some snacks in between. You'll find a fridge, kettle and a microwave from our kitchen for student use.

I've never danced before, is it too late to start now/can I start mid-term?

You can start our classes anytime! We always try our best to find a class for anyone who wants to attend, your never too old to start a new hobby. It's easiest to start classes at the beginning of eother autumn or spring term but we accept new students any time of the year. You might not want to start right at the end of the spring term, in that case check which summer courses and classes would be suitable for you!

Are the classes only for girls and women?

No, we do not have seperate groups for different genders and we welcome everyone to our classes. We have got some male dancers in our classes and will happily welcome more!

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